Over the last two years the programmatic advertising ecosystem has multiplied many times over creating two distinct problems for programmatic technologists: Finding the resource and time required to integrate with all relevant vendor partners; and finding the best way to navigate the 107 billion ad impressions that flow through the ecosystem every day.

In this special edition of TraderTalk TV, filmed yesterday in Cannes, Barry Adams, VP Commercial Development at BidSwitch tells us how their “one to many points” integration solves for both these problems.

With over 100 connections on the supply side and more than double that on the sell side BidSwitch enables efficient integration and connection to the vast programmatic ecosystem of buyers and sellers enabling both sides of the trade to optimise the bid stream and make the most of their inventory (sellers) and budget (buyers).

Adams also discusses the rise of header bidding, the opportunity for audio ads facilitated by the open RTB 2.4 protocol, and the growth of programmatic in Korea, Japan and South East Asia.

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