You can view a video of the the presentation here:

The hotly anticipated keynote speech from Dr Boris Mouzykantskii, founder, CEO & chief scientist, IPONWEB, is here. At this year’s ATS London event, the keynote speech did not disappoint. Building from a complex start, with complicated formulae and an explanation of the functionality of machine learning, which left the packed venue in awe, Dr Boris crescendoed into how machine learning fits into the modern world, outlining mistakes that can be made, describing data science as the Cheshire Cat to a business’ Alice In Wonderland. Not to be missed.

In his keynote speech, Dr Boris covers:

– How machine learning is overtaking big data as a trend in digital marketing

– How closed-loop machine learning works

– Why brands building their own bidders improves flexibility

– How to split machine learning from other execution platforms

– How machine learning can go wrong, including a description of the curse of dimensionality and the importance of mapping the data landscape

– How correlation doesn’t always equate to causation

– How the reliance on humans telling machines what to do can cause challenges

– The importance of understanding what machine learning is doing for your business