ExchangeWire’s Ciaran O’Kane spoke with Brian Golbere about Programmatic TV on Trader Talk.

Programmatic TV is a hot topic at the minute; particularly with recent announcements from big media owners like Sky and Channel 4 around their strategies to sell TV inventory programmatically.

But how does it work? And what are the challenges of making TV impressions RTB-enabled?

One of the more interesting moves has been from Dish Network, a US direct-broadcast satellite service provider with 13.93 million television and 595,000 broadband subscribers.

Dish Network decided to opt-out of using a third-party solution and instead partnered IPONWEB to build its own platform with specific customisation, enabling it to trade programmatically with the buy side.

In this TraderTalkTV episode, IPONWEB’s Brian Golbere explains how the Dish SSP will function and how it will transact its TV inventory via a programmatic infrastructure.

Key areas of discussion in this episode include:

– How does the SSP solution work for linear TV?
– How is TV inventory exposed to regular DSPs and bidders?
– How IPONEB and DISH addressed specific technical delivery issues, particularly the satellite component of the medium.
– How the creative approval process works, and how IPONWEB is building workflow tools to make the process more efficient for DISH.
– Why DISH Network is building its own SSP and the upside of selling targeted unsold inventory via RTB.
– Why the DISH SSP inventory will be fraud-free and get 100% view ability.

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